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Larry Sheagley

Written by: Maggie Fritzen Posted on: January 19, 2015 Tagged: volunteer Blog: Volunteer of the Month

Larry sheagley

From our CAYA Director

Larry's work as a youth advocate started long before he became a CASA and CAYA earlier this year. He was an instructor for 38 years at LaPorte High School and currently serves as a lab instructor part-time at Purdue North Central. Larry's unselfish service towards his community includes work in the county jail library and the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen.

Larry Sheagley works with two cases and handles them both with the same compassion. He has exerted comprehensive advocacy and reaches to find what each child needs to get through this tough time in their lives. Finding time to minister to these youth is a priority for Larry in hopes that he may somehow make a difference. We have yet to see what the fruit of his work will be as he continues to plant what is needed for them to be successful.

We are honored to recognize Larry as CAYA Volunteer of the Month for his ongoing efforts to positively impact at-risk youth in our community who need a mentor. Congratulations Larry!

From our CASA Director

I knew Larry would be a great asset to our program as soon he started with our program. He actively participated in class, and though he seemed nervous about taking a case he was one of the first volunteers to contact me about taking a case after he completed training. He has been appointed to the same case since he completed training in April of this year. In addition to diligently serving the CASA child he was appointed to, Larry also completed the training to become a Court Appointed Youth Advocate (CAYA) and he serves a youth in that program as well. Larry's passion shows in the time he spends and the way he advocates for what he believes is the best interest of his CASA kid. We are very lucky to have him be a part of our CASA family!


Rev Dr Dennis Carroll Sr said:

on July 24, 2017 at 4:57pm

we need more people like you larry God Bless.

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