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Lu Ann Uremovich

Written by: Maggie Fritzen Posted on: January 19, 2015 Tagged: volunteer Blog: Volunteer of the Month

Lu ann uremovich

December's Volunteer of the Month is Lu Ann Uremovich.
Lu Ann - Thank you for all that you do for the CASA program.

From our CASA Director

The volunteer for the month of December is Lu Ann Uremovich. Lu Ann joined the CASA family in June of 2013. She has served one family, with two children during her time as a volunteer and she has done an incredible job. This year alone, Lu Ann has dedicated 100+ hours and traveled over 2,000 miles while serving the children in her case. Because of her time and dedication, Lu Ann has been able to advocate for the best interests of her CASA kids, and made recommendation about their well-being. There have been high points and low points throughout the case, and many tough decisions have had to be made- and Lu Ann has stood by the kids throughout it all.

This is what the DCS Case Manager Betsey Black had to say about Lu Ann:

Lu Ann has been an asset to the Child Family Team for the case I have with her. Lu Ann has always made herself available to meet with the family and to talk with myself and other providers regarding the child. The level of commitment Lu Ann has shown is amazing and is truly appreciated. She has been a great support for the children and attempted to be a support for the parents as well. She has gone above and beyond what was expected of her as a CASA

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