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These our great CASA volunteers in La Porte and Pulaski County who make a lifelong difference for children. CASA volunteers are the voice of the child, an essential presence that reminds everyone involved that at the heart of each case is a child who deserves a safe and loving place to call home. CASA volunteers, age 21 or older, come from all walks of life. What sets them apart is that, despite their busy lives, they still make time to volunteer, making a direct impact on the lives of abused children.

Active CASA Volunteers - La Porte County
Elissa Affeld
Juanita Akins
Karen Biernacki
Rima Binder
Walter Binder
Katherine Brennan
Shiela Brillson
Diane Calderone
Kayla Caves
Jamie Dillon
Mary Drewes
Jo Ann Edgquist
Tristan Fletcher
Kylie Foster

Christine Frnak
Claudia Geise
Gloria Horn
Norma Kasinger
Gretchen Kubit
Pam Kukla
Andrea McLean
Julie Michiaels-Padgett
Jennifer Mrozinski
Kevin Noland
Tracey Pollack
Stephanie Satchwell
Shawn Schnidler

Jamie Schwingel
Larry Sheagley
Julie Smith
Amanda Sorg
Miranda Steele
Luke Stigler
Lynn Stombaugh
Phoebe Sutherland
Lorraine Tighe
Hugh Tonagel
Kathy Tonagel
Joanna Turner
Lu Ann Uremovich
Kristen Vowell

Active CAYA Volunteers

Elissa Affeld
Juanita Akins
James Beien
Vicki Cain
Tim Mace
Julia Martinz-Smith
Kitty Maurer
Ron McAtee
Thomas McDonald
Katrina Parham
Daryl Penfold
Jamie Pritchard
Ryan Reynolds
Peggy Rose
Cheryl Seitz
Karen Shea
Larry Sheagley
Brenda Stellema
Michael Walker
Tommy Watkins
Cheryl Webster
James Wszolek